Motivational Keynote

Constant flow of power-packed motivation come along with heart touching stories and humors – we are here to help your conference or business meeting be much more productive, fun, inspirational and memorable!

To empower your team/managers or to address your business meetings with engaging, thought provoking and insightful ‘Leadership’ session click here

If you are looking for highly impactful ‘sales‘ workshops to supercharge your team and realize 2x sales growth click here

To upskill yourself or your team with most in-demand ‘soft skills’ important to improve your professional life click here

Motivation and Capacity Building: These training modules are seminar or workshop type modules to sparkle the flow of energy, motivational tips, stories, games and personal and leadership development tips for customized audience.

Other Areas of Training and Mentoring:

* Entrepreneurship * Corporate Leadership * Sales and Marketing * Motivation and Life Skill Training * Career Counselling and Motivation * Multi-disciplinary Team Building and Leadership * Personality Development and Capacity Building * Education and Teachers’ Training * Time and Stress management * Parenting and Child grooming * Communication and Presentation Skill

Evaluation of Training:

Pre need assessment can be done as per client’s need or request and during and post training effectiveness will be evaluated based on 4 levels of evaluation model: reaction, learning, behavior and results – how people react during the session, what takeaways they come up with, impact and change in their behavior and the results in their real time performance improvement.