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Growth focused and ROI driven sales performance coach known particularly for unorthodox training style, unique and structured content on how to strategically prospect, empathetically pitch, simplify sales process and close the sales deal faster and more effectively

Sell Like a Champion is an intensive, Awe-inspiring, Fun and Highly Impactful workshop on the psychology of selling. A workshop designed for all types of sales representatives and their first line and second line managers (for Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, MLM, Insurance and other B2B/B2C sales organizations). This workshop is to boost their motivation and to enhance their productivity. This module encourages salespeople to think like a champion, sell like a champion and to be the sales-superstar.

This motivational sales training module aims to turn salesman into personally and professionally competent sales champion. So, at the end of the session participants will be able to develop winner mindset and hone their selling skill – the skill which will help them achieve/exceed their sales goal. This goal centric sales championship session will encourage them to be competent communicators, successful sales people, proactive leaders with positive outlook and growth mindset.

To realize this objective, our session will flow in a particular order of three steps:

  • If this is commission and incentives based sales funnel, in the first part we don’t talk about sales, we talk about money. We start with more money motivation. Here we encourage people to visualize their personal financial goal for a year ahead – much bigger picture may be 1.5X or 2X of previous year. Once they are motivated with more money, then we challenge them for more sales and much better life, we conduct one-minute goal setting challenge to encourage them to reset their sales goal. Here we work on reprogramming their subconscious mind to “This is possible” & “Yes, I can do it” level.

If that is fixed salary type job, In the very beginning we inspire them to see themselves within organization and organization within themselves. This integration type starting gives them a vibe that if organization survive/thrive, they survive/thrive. In other words, we link sales growth as their career growth. Then as in previous type we conduct one-minute-goal-setting-challenge encouraging for 2x growth and on reprogramming their subconscious to the new level.

  • is about developing strategic and skilled sales champions. This part covers practical and actionable tips and tricks on how they can increase their sales. It covers how to prospect, present and close the sales deal more effectively. It’s about how to realize their increased sales goal & climb the ladder of success faster and better than ever before.

In other words, the session follows the rule of golden circle. First part focuses on psychological level, that is mindset and attitude or “why to do”, second part on physical level that is skill-set or “what and how to do” and third part on motivational level that is to enhance “want to do” attitude.

(PS: Sales trainings can be conducted on different customized themes such as Strategic Prospecting, Elevator Pitch, Sales Closing, Rhetoric of selling, Sell Like a Champion, Sales Leadership, Mastering the Sales Funnel, Teamwork and Leadership etc.)

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