How to be a motivational speaker in Nepal?

First thing first, why do you want to be a motivational speaker? Is it because you want to be famous, you are passionate on speaking, you want to travel the world with luxury, you want to make lots of money or what? If yes, please do not consider trying to be one. It’ll be extremely difficult for you to go through or in some point you’ll realize that you’re in the wrong race.

In my experience, I normally find two kinds of motivational speakers: some get into being a motivational speaker after exemplary success in their field. They come up with their success story and start motivational speaking adventure to share their story. They have a rags to riches kind of story, or they have overcome physical weaknesses into a success. Another kind is people with passion. They study lots of self help literature, success stories, biographies and devise a powerful content to inspire people.

First type of people inspire with their personal story but second kind of people inspire with their crafted content and their beautiful art of delivery. Both types are okay, you just need to make sure which category (you can find somewhere in between though) do you belong? Some people think that really successful people with their personal story are the real motivational speakers. They are. But, they have one challenge. They have a story but what if everyone is familiar with that story and they no longer have charm to listen very same thing again and again. In today’s viral era, your story might go viral and you may end up sharing the already familiar story. So think twice before jumping into being a professional motivational speaker with a success story.

Second type of people have content but no story. Think, you’re planning to be a professional motivational speaker with a self crafted content. As long as people have interest in your content that makes sense. But, don’t you agree most of the content you’re selling is almost freely available in the web. Most likely yes. So i don’t recommend to jump simply because you think you have content to share.

Now, you might have been thinking about me. You yourself are a motivational speaker but why are you discouraging? Umm, I am not actually discouraging. I am just trying to show the vivid picture. Yea, I am also in motivational speaking mostly in the basis of my study and content. I am not a kind of speaker who carries singular story and sells everywhere. I craft content and deliver it. I know most of the content I deliver is freely available in the web.

Now, why I need to exist? This is a question for me and for you. The answer is your USP. My answer to this question is my ikigai. I try my best to craft content that is unique, content mixed with relevant stories, fun and everything. I use my speaking skill to make content interesting and engage participants.

You’re more likely to be in the second category. The category where I belong. Thus, I recommend you to sharpen your content, mix with relevant story, gamify the content and jumpstart your venture.

If you’re interested in becoming a motivational speaker and want more step by step guidelines, do make a comment. I will write it in detail if it really makes sense.