Born and brought up in middle class rustic family, I was somehow interested in arts, aesthetics and literature, so I pursued my academic career majoring English Literature. After MA, I started teaching “Business English” and “Business Communication” to management students.

But, one day a moment became an epiphany for me. I realized that the world is getting better everyday because of entrepreneurs and business leaders. I realized that most of the world’s problems are resolved by entrepreneurs. There are scientists who invent, politicians who create system, bureaucrats who serve, pilots who fly aircraft, teachers, doctors, farmers and so many others… but you see, most of the problems are solved by businesses and business is at the centre.

When I realized this, I turned my journey: I duly respect literature from my heart, but yet instead of going through English literature, I started devouring business books. I had realized that being from humble background and underdeveloped nation, we need more entrepreneurs and business leaders. Then with lots of self study and virtual business degree, I started pursuing training career. I became crazy and spent so many days and nights understanding how business works. And in one point, I started sharing my understanding with others, I started talking about entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, marketing and many others. Ultimately, I became a business consultant, leadership coach and a corporate trainer. And this is what my professional career is.

Now I am fully committed to helping people in businesses. I don’t normally resolve their business problems, but as I see their problems, which are not actually business problems, they have people problems. When they resolve their people problem most of their busines problems automatically resolve. So, I am committed individually and as an organization, to help grow human resources – that is through motivational talks, soft skills training, leadership events, sales coaching and consulting!

if you want to transform your business – transform your people!
If you want to transform your people – we’re here to help you HOW!