Overview of Coach On Campus

#CoachOnCampus is an intensive motivational training and interaction program focusing on life, leadership and career development of school to university level students to hone their career as a personally and professionally competent individual—helping them to boost their motivation and to realize their goal.


This motivational training module aims to turn students into competent leaders. So, at the end of the session participants will be able to develop leadership mindset which will encourage them to focus on their study and to live a purpose driven life. The session will help them stay motivated in tough times and to be proactive leaders with positive outlook and growth mindset.

Program Structure

To realize our objective, our session will flow in a particular order of three steps:

  • First part will be focused on creating proactive mindset in students—particularly on developing positive outlook, growth mindset and willingness to lead purpose driven life.
  • Second part is about developing strategic leaders – encouraging them to be a man with a mission. This part focuses on being driven by mission/vision and goal statement. We conduct goal-setting challenge to make their invisible goal visible.
  • Final part is an interaction with Q and A on life and leadership skills, collective commitment-to-action followed by energetic motivational appeal.

In other words, the session follows the rule of golden circle. First part focuses on psychological level, that is mindset and attitude or “why to do”, second part on physical level that is skill-set or “what and how to do” and third part on motivational level that is to enhance “want to do” attitude.

To provide practical insights and to make the session interactive and entertaining some content related games, stories, group activities, ad-hoc music etc. can be added.

Workshop’s Modality

  • Lectures and Power Point presentation
  • Demonstration and Indoor Group Activities
  • Stories, Games and Interaction

Pre Workshop Activity

Assessment will be done to identify the actual level of students’ willingness, their attitude toward education, their depth of knowledge and their outlook toward themselves, their society/college and toward the organization they will join.

Duration and Participants’ Number

#CoachOnCampus series’ sessions are in two versions: full fledge version is of 6 hours and concise version is narrowed down into three hours (including Q and A). Ideal number of participants is minimum twenty and maximum any numbers as per the specific situation of the institutions. Number of students determines the activities we choose to conduct.

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Training Program:

The Effectiveness of training program will be assessed based on Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels of evaluation model: reaction, learning, behavior and results. Our instinct is to follow them linearly, starting with how people react to the training we provide, what learning they come up with, what are the behavioral changes after the training and ending with the result that drives.


IDEA Education Consult is a Kathmandu based training and leadership consulting company dedicated to train people to unleash leader within them. This organization aims to develop human capital by inspiring people through Motivational and Leadership development workshops.

Mr. KP Bhusal

KP Bhusal is a growth focused and ROI driven business coach, career consultant and motivational speaker of Nepal, known internationally for his motivational seminar series on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Sales and Success Psychology.

With 10+ years in inspiring people and promoting entrepreneurship, he is now trusted as a business advisor for 100+ corporates across Nepal and abroad. He works at the nexus of social entrepreneurship and corporate leadership to help businesses more impactfully connect with their stakeholders. Because that’s where growth – for any kind of business – begins.

Because of his commitment to ROI-driven and growth focused inspiration and business consulting – He’s enrolled in the Harvard Business School’s online MBA Program, so that he could help purpose-driven organizations leverage growth to make the world a better place. To know more about him and his theme visit: www.kpbhusal.com/about/, for any immediate enquiry call +0977-9851243228  or mail to: [email protected]  

Previews of his past sessions and testimonials are available on social media especially on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook: Follow him and get inspired!

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