Leadership Workshop

Empowering managers into strategic leaders – injecting the right mindset, skillset and strategies to make them effective team leaders and social change-makers. The stories based, fun and interactive workshop to make leaders obsessed with People and Purpose!

We offer different leadership development programs, ‘The Leadership Challenge’ is a flagship program on developing strategic leaders in corporate world. This is designed for corporate executives to heighten their leadership lid, to boost their motivation and to help them succeed in life and in leadership responsibilities. This workshop aims to turn average executives into effective leaders and the social change-makers. So, at the end of the session participants will be able to develop leader-like mindset, the mindset of movers and shakers, the mindset of change-makers and the mindsets and skillsets of strategic leaders. To realize these objectives we’ve designed our content to follow a particular order of three steps.

  • First part is focused on injecting leadership mindset — particularly on developing positive outlook, proactiveness, growth mindset and willingness to lead their team toward continuous improvement and organizational growth. This is about WHY they should feel better, be better, work better and bring a better result.
  • Second part is about HOW, it is about developing strategic leaders – here we focus on team building exercises, people management skills and on strategies to realize their common mission/vision/goal. We conduct one-minute-goal-setting-challenge to make their goal visible – then conduct team exercise on how they could better realize their goal and better solve their problems with their collective efforts.
  • Final part covers some must have life and leadership skills, collective commitment-to-action combined with energetic motivational appeal. During the session participants have already envisioned what to do, why to do and how to do issues, so in this part we enhance their ‘want to do’ attitude with a strong motivational appeal followed by their personal/collective commitment-to-action.

In other words, the session follows the rule of golden circle. First part focuses on psychological level, that is mindset and attitude or “why to do”, second part on physical level that is skill-set or “what and how to do” and third part on motivational level that is to enhance “want to do” attitude.

(PS: Leadership trainings can be conducted on different customized themes such as Rhetoric of Leadership, Strategic Leadership, Leadership 360, Servant Leadership, Leadership Challenge, Teamwork and Leadership or whatever the clients want to focus on)

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